Welcome to the Morphemes & Meaning Lab @ QMUL. We share space and equipment with our sister lab, the Language Acquisition Lab, where we have EEG and eye-tracking equipment. We also conduct lots of our research online, out in local schools, or in collaboration with other labs in the UK and around the world, especially Alec Marantz‘s MorphLab Group of the Neuroscience of Language Lab at New York University,  mainly at the Abu Dhabi site.

Our work largely focuses on issues related to morphological processing and representation, verbal argument structure and event morpho-syntax, and nominal semantic and pragmatic interpretation (genericity/quantification, mass/count), mostly in L1/monolingual adults, but with some work involving children, and more and more of our projects involving multilinguals.

Our work has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, which is funding our Systematicity and Variation In Word Structure Processing Across Languages: A Neuro-Typology Approach project (2021-2024), the British Academy (through its Small Research Grants programme, and through its Visiting Fellowships scheme), and by the European Research Council, which funded our collaborative Advancing the European Multilingual Experience (AThEME) project.